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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If my parents want to return home before the year ends, will the premium be refunded?

A: This will depend on when the policy will start and multiple other factors. The super visa for visitors to Canada requires you to buy the visa for 365 days by paying the full amount in advance. In case your parents decide to cancel the trip and the visa is yet to be issued, then you can get the policy cancelled. In this case, you will be refunded with the full amount. The policy does not commence until the date of departure of your flight to Canada. In cases, where the policy date and the departure date are different, you can have the policy modified to include the correct date of departure by calling us or emailing us with the details .....

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Q: Are there any extra charge or hidden cost when buying a policy through your website? How is it different from dealing directly with the insurance company?

A: There is no extra fee or charge attached. The price that is quoted in our website is taken directly from the insurance companies and you can easily enquire to check the same. As per the insurance regulations in Canada, the rate charged by the insurance companies and the brokers have to be the same. The brokers do not have the authority to charge more than what is approved by the insurance company.  The regulations also do not allow the brokers to compete against each other by giving a discount on their commission.  Since the middleman has proved to be a requirement for the interest of the general public, the regulators have this framework to ensure that people are not affected .......

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Q: Is it possible to get the policy for my parents from our country itself?

A: As per the norms provided the Canadian Government, one should have proof of holding a private health insurance from Canada. So, if your country is not part of the approved list or the company you choose is not approved by Canadian authorities, then you are jeopardizing your chances on getting the VISA.

Another factor to consider is that the health care and medical providers in Canada prefer the insurance from a Canadian company. The billing is done directly to the insurance companies by the hospitals and hence the preference. Also, the claim processing for any expense that you incur will be faster when dealing with a Canadian insurance firm. This is because they will be in a better position to verify your expenses being in the same country.

Also, the regulators who foresee all the activities of Canadian insurance providers are of the top class in the world. The insurance companies in Canada are further reinsured by a government agency called Assuris, which ensures that in case of the company becoming insolvent, the medical bills to the tune of $60k is paid by them. While the company going bankrupt is not likely to happen, it gives us relief to know that our insurance in any situation. When you are at immigration, it would help to show your policy in either French or English.

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Q: What are the eligibility criteria for super visa of Canada?

A: Given below is the stipulation from Canadian government in reference to the same.

There are different factors taken into consideration by the Visa officials before allowing a person into the country. If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, then your parents and grandparents are eligible provided they also meet some other conditions as laid by the Visa officers. Most importantly, they should be genuine and are expected to leave by the end of the Visa term by themselves. There are multiple factors taken into consideration and they include but not limited to the below:

  • The visiting purpose
  • The financial and the family situation of the person visiting
  • The home country and how the person is tied to it
  • The situation – both political and economic, of the home country
  • The hosts who are inviting them to Canada.

Apart from being eligible to visit the country, the visitor, whether it is your parent or your grandparent should also provide:

  • Written confirmation from their child or their grandchild whom they are visiting that they will be providing the financial support. This can be provided only by someone who meets a minimum income criterion.
  • Canadian medical insurance valid for 1 year of their visiting period.
  • A completion of the IME (Immigration Medical Examination).

This is just a snapshot of the requirement and you can get more details by visiting the government website of Canada.

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Q: The super visa insurance has been quoted as the emergency medical insurance along with the visitor’s insurance in the website. Does that mean I cannot use this policy to claim on normal routine check up and visits to hospitals?

A: The expenses related to medical help is covered as part of the visitor’s insurance to Canada. This policy also has other benefit coverage like injury in an accident or an unexpected illness. However, this policy does not cover the discretionary medical bills like when you go to the hospital to get a general check up. And it also does not cover vaccinations, regular medicines and therapist costs. To give you a better idea, let us take an example where a person suffers from high BP (Blood Pressure). Then if the person happens to go into emergency owing to the pre-existing condition, then the emergency cost will be covered by the policy. However, the policy will not cover regular visit to hospital to monitor the person’s BP.

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Q: What is the ideal amount of visitors insurance should I get?

A: For a visitor, per day charge to hospital can go well above $4000. In case, the person has to be sent back to the home country then the charges on air ambulance can be multiples of thousands of dollars. The minimum coverage amount has been maintained as $100k per policy.  We offer insurance coverage up to 300k with some of insurance companies.

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Q: Is it okay for me to get the policy on behalf of my visiting family members?

A: The visitors insurance can be bought by anyone on behalf of anyone. If you are sponsoring the stay of your visiting family, then you should know that you are expected to support them financially. This means, that you have to pay their medical expenses in case they are unable to. So, it would be in your best interest to get them a policy with higher coverage.

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Q: If I buy for 2 people on one policy, will I be eligible for any discount?

A: This will depend on the insurance company. There are companies that give you discounts for traveling companions or for those who travel in groups. This can only be determined based on your requirements and quote.

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Q: Is it possible to get coverage for a pre-existing medical condition?

A: This is possible but it is dependent on the condition that you have and on the T&C of the policy in question. There are insurance companies that give you policy on pre-existing conditions subject to the person being stable for a minimum of 6 months before leaving the home country. However, this may not be the case always and some conditions may not get covered despite the person being stable for the 6 month duration. You have to read the policy documents to understand the conditions of coverage and the extent of coverage. There will be exclusions mentioned in these documents which you need to be aware of.

There are some policies that cover certain medical conditions such as high BP, diabetes, heart related, etc depending on the recent history of the person’s medical condition. However, most policies use very strict conditions when screening applicants who have a pre-existing medical condition. For instance, you will not be covered if you have had a diagnosis of a stroke, or if you have had a congestive failure of heart in the last six months or if you use a pacemaker or if you take oral steroids for your lungs and so on. You can compare the exclusions offered by different policies and the period of stability advised before making a decision. You can reach out to us on mail or phone to know more about your eligibility owing to a pre-existing medical condition and the policy coverage/exclusions.

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Q: Can my father bring his medications based on the prescription for the year with him?

A: Whether you are a visitor to Canada or you are a citizen of Canada, you need to abide by certain rules as imposed by Canadian government on carrying prescription medications. As per the government norms, one can bring along the prescription medicine for 180 days in total. It is advisable not to bring the entire year medication as it could cause a stir when you enter the country.

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Q: Is medical test a necessity before taking the insurance for visitors to Canada?

A: There are no tests that are required to be taken before you purchase the policy. However, there might be come questions regarding your health that you may have to answer truthfully. In case of any ignorance of facts, your coverage will become void. Whenever you submit a claim for medical expenses, the first enquiry that the insurance firm conducts will be to check if this was a result of a pre-existing condition and if it was mentioned while taking the policy. It is to be noted that when you are applying for super visa, you have to undergo medical examination as part of the process. However, this is not a prerequisite for medical insurance.

Anyone visiting Canada, or their friends or families can get the necessary details on policies, quotes, premiums and other details online from our website. In case you have any further question that you want to be answered, then you can call our numbers and we will be happy to assist you.

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Q: In case, I am buying my policy before my birthday or before the rate increases and suddenly my health changes before the trip, will I still be covered?

A: The rates changes happens almost every year for insurance companies as they evaluate their claim ratio in respect to total premium generated in a year, so many prefer to buy the travel insurance early to save money. Also another thing is, people consider buying before their birthday to get the premium based on their younger age. Please do remember that buying early cannot lock your health status for the insurance. If in case you see some health changes, then you need to inform the insurance company to review your policy and to adjust the premium accordingly. If you are not informing your insurance company, then you might end up with lower coverage or in some cases no coverage at all. Though you have bought the insurance well in advance, if you notice any changes in your health or any queries concerning the changes, it is better to read your policy and contact your insurance company or call your travel insurance agent asap.

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