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Q: Are there any extra charge or hidden cost when buying a policy through your website? How is it different from dealing directly with the insurance company?

A: There is no extra fee or charge attached. The price that is quoted in our website is taken directly from the insurance companies and you can easily enquire to check the same. As per the insurance regulations in Canada, the rate charged by the insurance companies and the brokers have to be the same. The brokers do not have the authority to charge more than what is approved by the insurance company.  The regulations also do not allow the brokers to compete against each other by giving a discount on their commission.  Since the middleman has proved to be a requirement for the interest of the general public, the regulators have this framework to ensure that people are not affected.

There have been quite a few customers who approach us as we provide them a better clarity and understanding on the various options available with the policies, better than the representatives of the insurance companies. We also clearly articulate any pre-existing norms and other conditions that the customer should know prior to buying a insurance policy. There have been complaints that the insurance company representatives have not been very clear on explaining these stipulations.

As a broker, we strive to provide you with the best deal on your insurance policy and also help you to manage insurance. You would find the policies from different Canadian insurance companies with different coverage options, refund options made available to you from us. This will give you an opportunity to do a comparative study between the various policies that are available and make a wise decision. We also help you with changing dates on the policy depending on the departure date, getting your policy extended, and getting refund on the remaining policy term and any other advice you will need with regards to your policy. These are added advantages of buying the policy through us.

We proudly proclaim that our website has more details and resources than any other online web source for Canadian super visa details. You can find all your clarifications on our website and you can also reach us on our toll free number. We really appreciate your business and we strive to provide you with the best.