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Monthly Payments Option.

Monthly Super Visa Insurance Payment Plans.

Acquiring the Canadian Medical insurance coverage that lasts for a period of at least one year is an important requirement if you are in need of the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa (PG – 1). Although this does seem extremely feasible, there are many people that are initially reluctant to apply for this Super Visa (PG – 1) simply due to the fact that its initial costs are excessive. Therefore, they tend to think twice before venturing into this realm.

How does monthly Payment Plan work?

This problem was effectively noted down by 21st Century Insurance Company and therefore, they wanted to provide an effective solution for the same to encourage more people to opt for this option. On the 8th of July, 2013, this insurance company introduced a unique system of monthly super visa insurance wherein clients and applicants can opt for monthly payments for the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa (PG – 1). One of the major benefits in signing up for this Monthly Super Visa Insurance is the fact that the clients can benefit when it comes to premium amounts that have been brought down considerably.

What makes this monthly option feasible is the fact that this option is also supported by other details that can hugely benefit the client or the applicant of the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa (PG – 1). Basically, when the client does choose to purchase the insurance coverage for the PG – 1 insurance application they can, in fact, decide to pay just the deposit amount at first when the approval of their application by the CIC remains pending.

The deposit that is made for this purpose includes payment worth two months and in addition to this, an administration fee of $50 also needs to be included in the deposit and it is important to note that this payment needs to be made through credit card only.

Monthly Super Visa Insurance (PG – 1) is an excellent alternative that enables monthly payment options

When you decide to arrive in Canada once your PG – 1 visa has received its approval, you must immediately send a notification about the same to the Insurance company as it is only through the notification that your policy will get activated.

Once the aforementioned process is complete, you will receive an effective arrival date and once that has been determined, you will be required to pay off the monthly charges that make up the Monthly Super Visa Insurance ( PG – 1) which you will be required to pay over a period of 10 months.

However, if for some reason, your PG – 1 application gets denied, you can be assured that your two months’ worth deposit money will be returned to you after subtracting the $50 administration fee. In addition to this, there have been no changes made when it comes to partial cancellations, in which case, if you decide to terminate the application, it should be in written form and must contain a proof of the return. In the case of partial cancellation, it is mandatory to have at least 2 month's worth of premium paid along with an admin fee of $50.

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