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Q: Is it possible to get the policy for my parents from our country itself?

A: As per the norms provided the Canadian Government, one should have proof of holding a private health insurance from Canada. So, if your country is not part of the approved list or the company you choose is not approved by Canadian authorities, then you are jeopardizing your chances on getting the VISA.

Another factor to consider is that the health care and medical providers in Canada prefer the insurance from a Canadian company. The billing is done directly to the insurance companies by the hospitals and hence the preference. Also, the claim processing for any expense that you incur will be faster when dealing with a Canadian insurance firm. This is because they will be in a better position to verify your expenses being in the same country.

Also, the regulators who foresee all the activities of Canadian insurance providers are of the top class in the world. The insurance companies in Canada are further reinsured by a government agency called Assuris, which ensures that in case of the company becoming insolvent, the medical bills to the tune of $60k is paid by them. While the company going bankrupt is not likely to happen, it gives us relief to know that our insurance in any situation. When you are at immigration, it would help to show your policy in either French or English.