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Tips for safety traveling

June 21, 2019 0 insurance agent

Traveling to other countries can be one of the best experiences you may have. Now, you can easily plan ahead for your budget, your trips, places to visit, where to stay. Yet, keep in mind that being safe while traveling is still on top of everything. By the end of the day, you still want to go home with your family and friends. We are providing you some tips and hope that your trip will be safe and sound.


  • When you enter a new country, please carefully do research about their culture, you should know what to expect. It’s important to have a general idea about the culture of country you are visiting, so you can avoid any possible conflict with locals.


  • Get to know in advanced where to have access to Wifi, 3G or whether you can have that access at the airport. Therefore, you can use Google map and other related applications to avoid getting lost. You can also use traditional way by using map if it’s convenient for you


  • Always have extra copies for important stuffs like passport, ID, flight tickets, accommodation confirmation. It can be both electronic and paper.


  • Don’t carry all your cash around, just bring some with you, from 40$ ~ 60$, in case you get robbed or lost your money, you don't lose them all. Remember to bring extra credit card, just in case something goes wrong with one card, and you still have the other one to use. Also, you should have emergency cash somewhere. In case, you lost your package or important stuffs, you still have enough money for staying and contact with your family.


  • We recommend bring these things besides your clothing and personal stuffs: a lock, towel, extra socks, a flashlight, and a basic first-aid kit.


  • You should leave a message of your travel plan to a family member or friend, so if anything happen, they are still able to keep in touch with you.


  • Keep in mind that no matter how well you plan ahead, there are still some unexpected things may happen. You should get your travel insurance, to cover for all those unexpected happenings like get sick, injure, break your limbs, get robbed, or flight cancellation. If one of these things happens, you will have to pay for thousand dollars right away. You may not use travel insurance or do not wish to use it for your entire trip, but it’s always better to have something cover your back.
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