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Non Medical Insurance

Get the insurance coverage you need without a medical exam just by answering a few questions on the application. And, no medical means you could have insurance coverage in days instead of weeks or months. We offer no medical plans with competitive premiums in whole life, term life and critical illness. And, as always, death benefits are tax-free.

No Medical Whole Life Insurance

Our whole life plans provide coverage for your entire life. These permanent coverages are available for individuals aged 25 to 80 for face amounts of $1,000 to $100,000. A cash value is also available.
Permanent life insurance (also known as whole life insurance) remains in force for the entire policyholder's lifetime. The premium amount can be paid up over 20 years, until age 65, or to age 100.

Some plans offer a cash surrender option that allows you to cancel your policy after a number of years and receive a lump-sum tax-free payment.

These no medical policies do not require you to take a medical exam. To complete the application process, you just need to answer some simple yes or no medical questions.

No Medical Term Life Insurance

These plans are the least expensive of the no medical coverages and are available for individuals aged 20 to 70. Face amounts range from $25,000 to $200,000, and coverage can last as far out as age 100. Term Insurance is the least expensive form of life insurance. Term insurance provides protection for 10 years , 20 years , or to age 100. In addition, these plans may be renewed for additional terms or converted to permanent life insurance plans. We have a term plan offering up to $200,000 that only requires you to answer a few simple health questions.

No Medical Critical Illness Insurance

The Non-Medical Simplified Critical Illness plan provides coverage in case you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness. This coverage was designed to provide critical illness insurance to those who would have difficulty qualifying for a traditional critical illness policy. You can renew your policy without any additional medical information for additional 10-year periods. This plan is renewable to age 75. It can be purchased by those 20 to 55.

In order to qualify for coverage, you only need to answer 'no' to some simple health questions. There are no other medical requirements. Benefits are payable to you as a one-time, lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one of the covered critical illnesses or have undergone a covered procedure. Covered critical illnesses are;