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Q: If my parents want to return home before the year ends, will the premium be refunded?

A: This will depend on when the policy will start and multiple other factors. The super visa for visitors to Canada requires you to buy the visa for 365 days by paying the full amount in advance. In case your parents decide to cancel the trip and the visa is yet to be issued, then you can get the policy cancelled. In this case, you will be refunded with the full amount. The policy does not commence until the date of departure of your flight to Canada. In cases, where the policy date and the departure date are different, you can have the policy modified to include the correct date of departure by calling us or emailing us with the details.

More often than not, the parents who visit Canada do not stay for the entire term of the policy and hence it is quite crucial for our customers to know if the reminder of the term can be refunded. It would generally be better to have a lower deductible. Yet, in case of a return in just 6 months time, half of the policy term, then almost 50% of the policy amount will be refunded. This is of course, subjected to the fact that there has been no claim made on the policy in the given period. It is advisable to get a higher deductible so that the policy cost is lowered wherein you can pay for smaller expenses like a clinic visit out of your pocket and get the policy cost refunded as valid.

Most of the policies that we offer come with a partial refund option, except for the plan “Annual Visitors to Canada”. In this GMS offered policy the insured can go home for a break and come back to Canada and the policy will stand valid. For instance, if your parents go home after six months and then return after a month, then they will still be able to enjoy the balance policy period of 3 months. There are also other policies from GMS that offers partial refund but these policies do not allow a trip break in between. So if your parents go back home for a short period, a new policy has to be taken when they return.  The refund will be done on the remaining term of their previous policy.