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Factors that can affect the success of super visa application
May 23, 2016 Piyush Girdhar 0

Since the inception of the super visa in 2011, majority of families who applied for super visa have been able to reunite with parents and grandparent. However, not all the super visa applications get processed successfully. Data indicates that nearly 15% of the applications are denied. There could be different reasons for the rejection but the below 6 factors seem to have the most influence in the rejection.

Refund policies for Super visa insurance
May 23, 2016 Piyush Girdhar 0

Given the chances of claiming refund, either full or partial, is a definitive possibility for most of us, we need to be well aware of the refund policies of the insurance that we purchase. This is especially more for the super visa insurance plan holders whose applications for super visa get rejected and for those whose trips are going to be short.