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Factors that can affect the success of super visa application

Since the inception of the super visa in 2011, majority of families who applied for super visa have been able to reunite with parents and grandparent. However, not all the super visa applications get processed successfully. Data indicates that nearly 15% of the applications are denied. There could be different reasons for the rejection but the below 6 factors seem to have the most influence in the rejection.

Please consult the licensed immigration consultant as the factors below are just guidelines. Each case is unique and need to be  addresed by consultantant with expertise in required field.

  • Absence of financial support: There is a LICO (Low Income Cut Off) threshold to be met by anyone who is sponsoring the visit of a person to Canada. Higher your family member count, higher the threshold. Unless you meet the LICO threshold, it is better to wait for any expected raise and then take the assessment from Income tax into consideration before applying for the super visa. Consulting a licensed Immigration professional will give you better answer in case you do not have complete 12 months income above LICO threshold for Super Visa.
  • Not enough ties with home country: Super visa is not equal to citizenship or permanent residence. So, you need to continue maintain ties with your home country like have a family to return to, or a business or employment or relatives or even be a member of an organization in the home country.
  • Incomplete documentation: The visa application requires you to submit a certain set of documents and forms in a specific manner. You need to read through the documentation requirements carefully before submitting your application. You can take the help of a consultant to assist you in the process. Incomplete and incorrect documentation can lead to delay and denial of visa.
  • Lacking financially: If the applicant does not have an income, asset or employment then the applicant might not get the visa accepted. It is might be presumed that these applicants might find work unofficially in Canada and hence the visa being rejected.
  • History: The history of previous visits also has a huge impact on the current visa application. If you have had violations of your immigration or there are outstanding issues with the Canadian immigration then you will not be granted the visa. The candidate should have a clean record with the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  • Credibility: This is often the case when the applicant does not present their visa application truthfully and are not very sure of their answers.

Last but not the least you need to be prepared to handle the questions and queries from CIC. It might sometimes work in your favor to opt for a different visa than a super visa. Or sometimes, it would be better to get it delayed until you are fully prepared.

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