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Q: If I am not able to classify my medical condition in the questionnaire provided by the insurance company then what I need to do?

A: The medical questionnaire provided by the insurance company to classify your medical condition, will differ from one company to another. If you are not sure or getting doubts while answering the questionnaire, it is better to speak to your doctor to find the appropriate answers. Be aware that your coverage may get reduced or cancelled altogether, if you provide incorrect answers to classify it as a lower risk condition.

You can choose the below mentioned steps to avoid visiting your doctor

1)Choose a different company's medical questionnaire which you can understand and answer them easily.

2) If you are not sure of a question then answer them by erring on the side of caution which would define you as a higher medical risk. In this case, your coverage will be valid and premium will be higher also be assured that your answers are appropriate.