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Travel Insurance

June 19, 2019 Piyush Girdhar 0 agent,

 What is Travel Insurance?

Coverage for unexpected events occurs before or during your trip. It depends on the plan you choose, then the coverage will be different.

Travel Insurance is for:

  • Canadian or Canadian Residents travelling outside their provinces or outside of Canada
  • International visitors travel to Canada

Main Benefits:

  • Medical insurance: During your trip, if you unexpectedly get sick or injured and require treatments, the insurance will cover eligible medical cost, hospitalization, medical evacuation and also provide emergency assistance 24/7
  • Cancellation benefits: If you have to cancel your vacation or business trip for covered reasons, this benefit will cover the cost of ticket or accommodation that is not refundable and already paid in advanced
  • Baggage lost: If you lost your baggage, the insurance will reimburse for your basic personal stuffs

Why it is so important?

  • There are chances that you may get sick or injured during your vacation or business trip. You are now in another place that your healthcare may not covered or not 100% covered. Do you want to spend thousand dollars on medical expenses if that happen?


  • We provide emergency assistance 24/7, call us anytime when you need help


  • When you spend thousand dollars on your vacation package, then days before you have to cancel because one of family members get sick, or you get sick. The agency will not refund for any reasons, but we DO. Not just the package, we cover flight tickets, accommodation that you already paid in advanced


  • What if your flight is delayed or you miss flight connection? Do you want to spend money on extra tickets?


  • You are safely arrived at the destination, now you figure out your baggage is now lost. Don’t ruin your trip with extra money for clothing and other stuffs. You will get reimbursement to buy your clothing, personal care items etc.

It depends on your needs to choose the appropriate coverage. You can choose to purchase for a single trip. You can also purchase annual plan if you travel more than 1 time a year. We are here to help you to find out and offer the best fit with affordable price.



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