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Things you need to know before applying for super visa

July 03, 2019 0 insurance agent
Enjoy moments with your family
Enjoy moments with your family

Super Visa is a multi-entry visit to Canada which is valid for 10 years. It allows Canadians or Permanent Residents in Canada to sponsor their parents or grandparents to visit Canada and stay for a long period of time, up to two years, at one time.

  • In order to apply for super visa, you must have proof of medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company, and it must be at least of $100,000 for the coverage


  • You must submit the evidence of financial support for the visitors with the application, and it is based on the requirement of your net income for a certain number of visitors


  • The insurance policy must have minimum one year coverage


  • In the case, the visitors have pre-existing medical conditions; there are some available options to cover for it. You have to prove that the condition is being stable for at least 120 days before the departure date. It means that there is no change in medication or treatments, no pending tests from doctors. You may have to answer some questions to be eligible for the purchase


  • When you decide to stay more than 1 year, you can purchase a new policy before the expiry date to continue your coverage


  • You will get 100% refund if the visa declined


  • If your parents or grandparents decide to leave Canada earlier, you will get refund for unused balance


  • In case, you never make any claims on the policy, you are eligible for partial refund


  • Considering deductible amount, it can impact your premium


  • Talk to an insurance advisor to find out more about available plans and get the most suitable plan for your need and budget
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