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Monthly Super Visa Insurance Payment Option

Monthly Super Visa Insurance Payment Option
Monthly Super Visa Insurance Payment Option

Super Visa Insurance – pay by EMI

Want to have your family over for a visit in Canada? But worried about paying in full on the super visa insurance for the travelers? Well, no need to worry, we are providing to you one of the best options where in the premium need not be paid in full for the entire year. Yes, you can now pay them every month as an easy EMI.

This is how monthly payment super visa insurance plan works:-

At the time of applying for the super visa, we generally pay the full premium amount (Regular Super Visa Insurance Policy) for the entire year. Now, you don’t have to do that. You can just pay a deposit, which will be equivalent of two months premium plus a processing fee of $50 when you are awaiting the acceptance from CIC. You have to pay the deposit by your Visa or Mastercard credit card.

After the visa is issued, you have to inform the company on your date of arrival into Canada so that the policy can commence from that day. This 2 months deposit is applied to 11th and 12th month of policy. For the remaining ten months premium, the same will be deducted from your credit card starting with the first payout on date of activation of the policy. 

This feature is additionally helpful for those who have purchased an annual policy and are now looking to extend it. Also,

  • If the Visa is denied by CIC then the applicant will be paid the entire amount of premium(2 months deposit) they have paid excluding the processing fee of $50.
  • If your trip is cut short and you return before the end of the year, then the billing to your credit card will be stopped upon receipt of the proof you have left the country along with the boarding pass and passport copies. ( any unused months essentially 2 month deposit if client returns before end of 10 months will be refunded)
  • Any refund will be processed with a fee of $25.
  • In case you have to visit another country and then return to Canada, the billing will not be stopped and the coverage will be continue during you stay outside Canada as long as majority of stay is Canada. No coverage is provided if you return to home country for short visit but you can continue keeping the same policy.

This is definitely good news for those who have financial complications in paying full amount for the medical insurance of their loved ones. As of now, this is offered by only one of canadian insurance companies that offer super visa insurance policies and we are hoping that this feature will be replicated by others soon.

Please contact our Super Visa insurance Specialist - Piyush Girdhar,  today to discuss in detail salient features of this insurance policy that make your dream of uniting with your family little easier.

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