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You surely need life insurance and here are reasons why

July 24, 2019 0 insurance agent
life insurance
life insurance

Most of us usually avoid talking about life insurance, it’s not a pleasant issue to think about. Indeed, no matter how unpleasant it is, life insurance definitely is an essential financial plan for your family. People know they should own life insurance, but they never aware of having one, until they see bad things happen to push them to buy it. However, the earlier you buy, the more benefits you have. Especially if you fall into those situations:


  • You own a property: you probably understand paying mortgage, taxes, maintaining fee would be a big burden to your family. Life insurance can help to support this amount or even pay off your mortgage, so your family don’t have to move out and still keep their living style. 


  • You are married or planing to. Starting a family also comes with responsibilities, it’s the right time for both of you think of your future plan, financial investment as well as get your family secured. Life insurance is one of the must-have investment you should have.


  • You have children. This is definitely a YES! parents know best how much they have to spend on their children, and when they are grown up, the expenses will just increase. Imagining how your children will turn out if you are gone. Although you are not the main income of the family, it’s still a big burden for the remaining one.


  • To pay off debt and other expenses. If you are co-signed with someone for a debt or loan, please consider purchase life insurance. Because your debt will not go away when you are gone, and the one who co-signed with you will have to be responsible for it.


  • To give an inheritance. If you wish to leave a big amount of money to someone or organizations after your death, life insurance is the best option to go for. It will be tax-free and it will go straight forward to your beneficiaries without any hassles.


  • To take care of your funeral. You may think this is non-sense, but actually your funeral can cost a huge a mount of money. If you don’t want it to be a burden, then you can choose life insurance to support your family.


You should also consider how much you spend on life insurance, how much you need to receive and how long you should take it. It's different for each person to decide to how they want to go with it. There are many options that you can choose to fit your needs. It’s always wise to talk with your insurance advisor to understand best.

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