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How term life insurance works for your family?

Most of us think life insurance is expensive and not worth to go for. In fact, term life insurance is very affordable and 100% worth to own one. You may not believe it, but term life insurance can be as low as your cup of coffee daily. Here are reasons why you should get term life insurance:

  • In general, term life insurance is much cheaper compared to whole life insurance or universal life insurance. The premium rates depend on your age and medical condition, but it’s always less than other policies. For example, a female with non-smoking, at her 35, the premium can be as low as 30$/ month. The premium is guaranteed until the expired date of the policy.
  • Term life insurance can be simple and straight forward. You will not feel confused or complicated about the policy. You can have a protection for your family after some simple steps and you can sleep peacefully at night.
  • You only want the protection for a specific time. For example, you have little dependents, and you want to put them under protection until they are grown up. So, you can buy a term life insurance with 30 years policy.
  • You are co-signed with someone for your loans. After your death, your debts will not go away. Term life insurance can give you and your co-signer a protection until you pay off your loans.


As you are growing up, your responsibility is growing with you. Life insurance is designed to protect your family and support them while you are not there.

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