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Q: In recent days, I could sense some symptoms like Dizziness, vomiting, sweating, nausea etc, but have not diagnosed yet. Will it be taken into account as pre-existing condition and will it be covered by the insurance?

A: If you have not diagnosed yet, it doesn't mean that the specific medical condition doesn't exist to you. The condition has already started showing you the symptoms and hence will be defined as a pre-existing condition. The wording on pre-existing conditions will be different for each and every insurance company. Generally, all pre-existing conditions will be excluded except the ones that have been stable for a certain stability period before your trip. The insurance company will give you the detailed explanation of stability period and also the time period that applies to it. Certain conditions will be excluded by the company if it is reasonable to assume that the medical attention could be required. Before traveling, it is really important that you need to read your policy documents thoroughly to achieve a better awareness of any exclusions that applies. The hospitalization expenses might not be covered on your trip if the pre-existing symptoms are related to the reason of your medical attention.